The counsellors at the OPC honour the spirituality of every person, whether they are Christian, religious, spiritual, agnostic or atheist.


About the OPC


That every person have the opportunity to receive professional pastoral counselling and psychotherapy in order to address issues related to human wellness and healing.


The OPC provides pastoral counselling, psychotherapy and professional support and referral services. Through this ministry, we affirm the dignity and self-worth of all people. We are called to accompany them on their personal journey towards healing and wholeness.

The OPC is a community ministry of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa.

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Guiding Principles

The OPC’s primary mandate is the delivery of professional pastoral counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals, couples and families (including teens).

The OPC is committed to being a leader in the promotion and delivery of mental health and wellness services.

The OPC strives to provide professional, affordable and timely services, to pursue the highest standards of excellence through clinical supervision and training of our staff, and to ensure that our operations and services fulfill the standards and practices set out by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).